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Centralize team collaboration and get a complete overview of project and finance workflows in one place. Real-time insights and automation save up to 15% on effort spent on project management.

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Everything you’ll ever need to manage your projects efficiently

Centralize team communication and collaboration

Project management gets seamless when everything is centralized in one place

Task assignments and attachments visible to the whole team
All project communication in one spot
Accessible from anywhere with a single click
Integrated with resource planning and time tracking

Task assignments and attachments visible to the whole team

All project communication in one spot

Accessible from anywhere with a single click

Integrated with resource planning and time tracking

Gain a complete overview of all tasks, both assigned to you and those you’ve delegated

With a clear view of completed tasks and those still in the pipeline, maintaining order and tracking progress becomes effortless.

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Integrated project and finance workflow

Advertising projects go beyond just your agency’s tasks. Integrate all external collaborations and third-party expenses directly into your project workflow.

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Gain control over all your projects

Flexible for all project sizes. Break down big projects into sizable segments for easy workflow and financial assessment.

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Organize notifications based on their importance. Differentiate project communications, workflow action-required and informative FYIs.

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Compare estimated time with actuals at every level. Whether it’s the overarching project view, specific task or a single day’s allocation.

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Align your project management to the dynamics of advertising workflow

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Automatically create project structure from approved budget proposal

Synchronized budgets save project management time, making sure you’re always working with the right, approved budget, no matter how often it changes.

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Real-time visibility into team progress with done-lists

Each team member is provided daily with a clear to‑do list. By marking items complete, team leaders get precise visibility over what has been accomplished and what is still in progress.

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Tailor your task structures to an advertising workflow

Assign tasks to multiple team members at once or break them down into time allocations across several days. This is handy for a series of brainstorming or review sessions.

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Maximize automation through suggestions on project tasks and time allocations, all derived from your budget content.

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Dealing with similar repeated tasks? Project duplication saves time and promotes consistency across your projects.

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Compare estimated time with actuals at every level. Whether it’s the overarching project view, specific task or a single day’s allocation.

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What our clients value on our project management

“Allfred provides the overview, insight and oversight that each agency needs to function effectively. It provides information on who, with whom, until when etc. all in three clicks. That’s amazing and incredibly helpful.”

Petra Barčáková

Account Director

Petra Barčáková

“Allfred gave us the visibility we needed to identify and solve project issues swiftly, leading to smoother project management.”

Petra Drahošová

Operations Director

Petra Drahošová

“With Allfred, we benefit from a better overview of projects, improved budget clarity, streamlined cost tracking, and effective capacity planning for our teams. We appreciate the simplicity of assigning or changing project managers for individual brands, ensuring smooth handovers.”

Martin Markovič

Head Of Finance

Martin Markovič

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How does Allfred streamline project management for advertising agencies?

Allfred is a one-stop solution for all your project management needs. It provides an integrated system for tracking all aspects of a project, including tasks, time, budgets, and resources. This increased visibility into project operations reduces risks and improves efficiency, enabling you to deliver better results. Allfred automates manual tasks that save 30% of work and improve reporting 3x.

What project management features does Allfred offer?

Allfred offers a comprehensive range of project management features. This includes task assignment, progress tracking, time tracking, resource planning, budget management, billing and invoicing. It ensures you have all the tools you need to effectively manage and execute your projects on one place.

How does Allfred's project manager role differ from other roles?

The project manager in Allfred has access to all details of their assigned projects. They can see finances related to their projects only, assign tasks, track time, prepare documents for invoicing, and manage expenses. They can also access reports and view the list of users, although they cannot add new ones or change existing ones.

Can I assign different tasks to different team members in Allfred?

Yes, Allfred allows you to assign tasks to individual team members with individual positions. This feature is designed to ensure efficient division of labor and effective resource utilization. Plus, it allows team members to track their tasks on one place and report their time conveniently.

How does Allfred assist in resource planning for a project?

Allfred provides a clear and detailed view of resource allocation across all projects. It helps you track the availability of each team memeber, assign them efficiently to tasks, and monitor their progress. This ensures optimal resource utilization and helps prevent overwork and resource burnout.

Can project managers in Allfred issue invoices?

Project managers can prepare documents for invoicing in Allfred. However, issuing an actual financial document such as an invoice, credit note or proforma invoice is a function available to roles with higher access levels, like CFO or Admin.

How does Allfred help project managers keep track of project finances?

Allfred provides project managers with a comprehensive overview of the finances related to their projects keeping you on top of financial data, so you don’t run into risks of underbudgeting or overwork. This includes budget tracking, expense assignment, document preparation for invoicing, work in progress analysis. However, internal financial indicators are visible only to higher access roles to maintain the financial confidentiality of your agency.

How can I use Allfred to monitor the progress of my projects?

Allfred offers powerful reporting features that provide a comprehensive view of your project's progress. These reports encompass various aspects of project management, such as task status, work in progress, resource usage, time tracking, or actual budget spending. This real-time information helps you to identify potential issues early by sending you alerts and notifications and take corrective action promptly.

Can I manage multiple projects simultaneously in Allfred?

Sure, Allfred is designed to handle multiple projects under one client or brand simultaneously. It offers comprehensive project management features that allow you to manage tasks, resources, time, budgets, profits or documents across all your projects.

Can one project have multiple managers in Allfred?

Yes, in Allfred, one project can indeed have multiple managers. There will be one main project manager, and you can add several other project managers to the same project. These additional project managers will have the same permissions as the main project manager.

Can I create pro bono projects in Allfred?

Absolutely, you can create pro bono projects in Allfred. In such cases, Allfred is designed not to expect any invoicing.

How can I manage internal projects in Allfred?

Allfred is perfectly suited to manage not only client projects, but also your internal projects. You can set up an internal project just as you would a client project, assign team members, track progress, time, and resources just like any other project. Allyou need is to create internal client and related projects. This helps you to keep all your agency's work in one place and understand the resources devoted to internal projects as well.

How does Allfred handle notifications and communication?

Allfred effectively organizes notifications based on their relevance, distinguishing between project communications, actions required for workflow progression, and general informative updates. This feature enables you to receive critical updates and maintain productivity by focusing on the essential tasks.

How Allfred helps to agencies

New School Communications

245% revenue growth

Gabriel Tóth

Gabriel Tóth

Founder & CEO

“We achieved highest revenue growth ever using Allfred.”


24% profit on agency revenue

Katarína Poláková

Katarína Poláková

Agency COO

“We achieved high profitability using Allfred.”


246% EBITDA growth

Pavol Perdík

Pavol Perdík

CEO & Co-owner

“We achieved high profitability using Allfred.”


Ranked 9th Europe's Most Effective Independent Agency

Petra Jankovičová

Petra Jankovičová

Co-Founder & CEO

“We run all our agency operations using Allfred.”

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