Powerful for CEOs, friendly to account managers and creatives

CEO / Director

  • Comprehensive, real-time financial and operational dashboards

  • Detailed revenue and client performance analysis

  • Holistic project and resource management

  • Risk and loss identification

  • Secure and reliable data platform

“Thanks to Allfred, we were able to significantly reduce time spent on reporting and evaluating projects results. What took one hour in Clickup, with Allfred we have it in 10 minutes.”

Petra Drahošová

Petra Drahošová

Operations Director


Team Leader

  • High-level visibility into overall team performance and productivity

  • Ability to identify potential risks and budget overruns across projects

  • Customized reporting, providing insights into all team projects

  • Advanced planning, vacation, and out-of-office management for the entire team

  • Document management for easy access to contracts, orders, and other documents

“It‘s brilliant that we can have everything from cost estimate, capacity planning, tasking, to project evaluation all in one place. If we don‘t have to click through multiple tools, it saves a lot of time.”

Katarína Poláková

Katarína Poláková

Teamleader & Account director


Account Manager

  • Real-time dashboards for project progress and financial tracking

  • Integrated task, time, and resource management tools

  • Automated workflow and budget management

  • Effective team collaboration and customizable reporting

  • End-to-end invoicing and comprehensive expense tracking

“At Allfred, it suits me that I can create cost estimates and I can approve them as well. I lead a team of account managers so to have capacity planning, project overview, tasks, or report in one place is a great benefit.”

Iva Kolevová

Iva Kolevová

Head Of Account Management


Financial Manager

  • Seamless integration with accounting tools and WIP tracking

  • All-in-one billing, invoicing, and cost control

  • Comprehensive cash flow and budget management

  • Automated payment reminders, financial alerts and billing plans

  • Client-wise profitability analysis and flexible financial reporting

“Allfred has been an invaluable tool for monitoring our company's finances and performance. It provides us with real-time access to up-to-date data on our colleagues' work, cash flow, and financial results. With Allfred, we no longer have to rely on accountants to have confidence in our financial status; it only takes a few clicks to get the information we need.”

Michal Pobočík

Michal Pobočík




  • One-click time tracking and capacity booking

  • Conflict detection and drag-and-drop planning

  • Real-time task updates and clear deadline visibility

  • Easy team communication and centralized access to client briefs

  • Mobile-responsive platform for working on-the-go

“Allfred is a valuable asset not just for account managers, but also for creatives. With this tool, everything resides in one place — tasks, deadlines, attachments, and team involvement. It also enables me to efficiently track time spent on specific tasks, eliminating the need for an additional tool. I especially like the emoji reaction option, another timesaver in Allfred toolkit.”

Eva Matejičková

Eva Matejičková

Senior copywriter & ideamaker