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Increase agency profitability by up to 30% by having project management seamlessly integrated with budgets and invoicing.

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Allfred guides your agency’s financial process

Project’s financials integrated with project management

Achieve total project cashflow clarity - whether in high‑level dashboard overview or detailed actionable one.

Understand your project’s status at first glance
Dive deeper into project’s progress, exceeded budgets and invoicing status
Take action when a project is in a negative credit balance

Understand your project’s status at first glance

Dive deeper into project’s progress, exceeded budgets and invoicing status

Take action when a project is in a negative credit balance

Get complete control of your invoicing

Automatically plan and track invoiced amounts and be confident nothing is left unpaid.

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Analyse profit per project, client or even an employee

Breakdown your project’s profit and get insights into top performers.

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Invoicing flexibility and ‘heureka’ automations

Bill entire project or parts of it.

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Invoice in any currency.

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Export and share invoices in one click. Supporting all major formats.

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Automatically extract data (OCR) from invoices to speed up expense creation.

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Automatic client notifications if invoice payment is overdue.

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Automatic invoicing status updates.

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Stay on top of your project’s revenue and profit

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All your data is integrated and up‑to‑date

No need for you to double‑check. Budgets, work in progress, tracked hours, external expenses and invoicing, all connected.

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Analyse project’s work efficiency and revenue

Allfred breaks down project’s revenue into segments to help you optimise your agency performance.

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What our clients value on our reporting automations

“Allfred has been an invaluable tool for monitoring our company's finances and performance. It provides us with real-time access to up-to-date data on our colleagues' work, cash flow, and financial results. With Allfred, we no longer have to rely on accountants to have confidence in our financial status; it only takes a few clicks to get the information we need.”

Michal Pobočík


Michal Pobočík

“Thanks to Allfred, we were able to significantly reduce time spent on reporting and evaluating projects results. What took one hour in Clickup, with Allfred we have it in 10 minutes.”

Petra Drahošová

Operations Director

Petra Drahošová

“Allfred has significantly improved our expense management. It allows us to easily identify which costs are covered by client invoices and their payment status. The simplified payment process with automatic bank payment orders is a great time-saver. Moreover, the Optical character recognition option for reading invoices is a valuable feature, reducing the risk of human errors.”

Martin Markovič

Head Of Finance

Martin Markovič

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Can we do invoicing in Allfred?

Yes, Allfred allows for invoicing in any currency and you can easily export or send invoices in one click, supporting all major formats.

What types of financial documents can I create in Allfred?

Allfred provides you with the ability to create and manage various types of financial documents. These include invoices, pro forma invoices, credit notes, and credit accounts. In addition, you have the capability to categorize various types of expenses, encompassing invoices, bills, card payments, contracts, and more.

Can I create payment orders in Allfred?

Yes, you can easily create payment orders in Allfred by selecting the necessary expenses and exporting them. We understand that each client might have unique requirements suitable to their accounting software. Therefore, Allfred offers the ability to customize these exports to ensure compatibility with your specific accounting system.

What types of reporting does Allfred offer?

With Allfred's robust reporting options, you have the resources to make informed, strategic decisions. This includes analyzing work efficiency, revenue, and project profit margins, along with identifying the profitability of employees or teams. You can track the health and effectiveness of projects or monitor client performance. You can also export cash flow reports, evaluate commissions, and monitor ongoing work progress.

Can I analyse revenues in Allfred?

Yes, Allfred provides a revenue analysis dashboard with real-time data broken down into segments. It helps you understand and analyze the sources of your revenue and identify opportunities for growth to optimize your agency's performance. The dashboard allows you to monitor both current and projected profits from agency work, as well as from external production or media costs.

Can I track cash flow in Allfred?

Allfred enables you to gain comprehensive clarity over your agency's cash flow. It facilitates the tracking of incomes and expenses by providing real-time data. With the high-level dashboard, you can instantly track the status of your projects and promptly intervene when a project is in negative credit balance.

Can Allfred generate year-end financial summaries?

Yes, Allfred provides comprehensive financial summaries, giving you a clear overview of your annual financial performance. You can also export these summaries for further use.

Can I segment financial reports by teams, projects, or clients in Allfred?

Yes, Allfred allows you to segment financial reports by teams, departments, projects, or clients, giving you detailed insights and control over your finances.

Who has permission to create the final financial documents in Allfred?

The ability to create and finalize financial documents in Allfred depends on the assigned user roles. Generally, only those in CFO or Finance Manager roles have this authority. Other users such as Project Managers, Team Leaders, or Managing Directors have the ability to prepare documents needed for invoicing, but the final approval is typically reserved for those in finance-focused roles.

Can I plan invoicing for recurring projects in Allfred?

Allfreds Billing plan feature allows users to set up a customized invoicing plan based on their specific needs, including invoicing frequency or planned to invoice amount. Details from the planned project billing are automatically carried over to the Invoicing Plan, which is accessible to Finance Managers. This offers them a comprehensive overview of anticipated income, enhancing their financial planning capabilities.

What financial automation does Allfred offer?

Allfred offers several financial automation capabilities. It automatically plans and tracks invoiced amounts and provides automatic updates of invoicing statuses. Guiding you throughout the invoicing and expense assignment process, Allfred minimizes errors. You can send invoices directly from Allfred and set up automatic notifications for overdue client payments. To speed up expense creation, Allfred employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for automatic data extraction from invoices.

Are invoices connected with budgets and projects in Allfred?

Yes, Allfred integrates all your data, connecting budgets, work in progress, tracked hours, external expenses, and invoicing to provide you with up-to-date and comprehensive project overviews.

Can I be notified about overdue payments in Allfred?

Allfred offers a comprehensive dashboard that provides a real-time overview of invoice statuses. You can also set automatic client notifications for overdue invoice payments, helping to expedite payment and keep your finances on track.

Can I customize my invoice templates in Allfred?

Yes, Allfred offers customizable invoice templates, allowing you to align your invoicing with your brand and specific business requirements.

Does Allfred integrate with other accounting software?

We offer integrations with a variety of accounting software. For specifics on the supported integrations, please contact our support team at

Can I export financial reports from Allfred for further use?

Yes, Allfred allows you to export financial reports in multiple formats. You can export details of all financial documents such as outgoing invoices, proforma invoices, and received expenses, credit notes or payment orders.

Can Allfred handle multi-currency transactions?

Yes, Allfred supports multi-currency transactions, allowing you to invoice and manage your finances in any currency. This supports businesses operating in the global marketplace.

How secure is my financial data in Allfred?

Allfred places utmost priority on data security. It implements advanced encryption and security measures to ensure your financial data is kept confidential and secure from unauthorized access. Moreover, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data, so you can trust that your information is in safe hands with Allfred. Discover more about data security here.

Can I set up notifications for budget thresholds in Allfred?

Allfred provides flexible alert settings, allowing you to set up notifications for when you're nearing your budget thresholds, helping you manage your finances effectively.

Does Allfred support different VAT values for international clients?

Allfred accommodates a range of VAT values, suiting businesses with clients across various countries.

How can Allfred help in tracking overhead costs?

Allfred allows you to monitor overhead costs by creating internal projects and helps identify areas where costs can be reduced. You can also track hours spent on internal work, enabling effective decision-making regarding resource allocation.

Does Allfred provide real-time financial updates?

Allfred provides real-time updates on all financial matters, such as project revenue, cash flow, work in progress, project effectiveness, users and client performance, etc, ensuring you have the most current and accurate information at your fingertips.

Can I track employee profit in Allfred?

Yes, Allfred allows you to analyze profit per project, client, or even an employee. This helps you get insights into planning resources and optimize your agency performance.

How Allfred helps agencies

New School Communications

245% revenue growth

Gabriel Tóth

Gabriel Tóth

Founder & CEO

“We achieved highest revenue growth ever using Allfred.”


24% profit on agency revenue

Katarína Poláková

Katarína Poláková

Agency COO

“Allfred significantly boosted our profitability.”


246% EBITDA growth

Pavol Perdík

Pavol Perdík

CEO & Co-owner

“We achieved high profitability using Allfred.”


Ranked 9th Europe's Most Effective Independent Agency

Petra Jankovičová

Petra Jankovičová

Co-Founder & CEO

“We run all our agency operations using Allfred.”

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