Gain control and clarity over your agency’s budgets

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Experience seamless budget management. Automate budgeting proposals to minimize errors and ensure your projects are always aligned with your financial goals.

Automated budgeting is already helping save time in these agencies

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Useful budgeting automations reduce time & mistakes

Keeps Your Budgets Organized, Accessible, and Always Up‑to‑Date

No more searching through storage systems or email threads for your spreadsheet budgets. Find the most up-to-date and client‑approved budget in one centralized location for easy handovers.

Get a clear view of which budget is client‑approved, by whom, and when
Keep track of all changes with budget version history
Set flexible approval permissions for each role
Seamlessly share budgets with colleagues

Get a clear view of which budget is client‑approved, by whom, and when

Keep track of all changes with budget version history

Set flexible approval permissions for each role

Seamlessly share budgets with colleagues

Fast & Flexible budget creation

View agency tasks and expenses on one screen without endless scrolling. With simple inline editing and drag-and-drop reordering. Flexible as spreadsheets, without the worry of maintaining correct formulas.

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Share Budgeting Know-how across your Agency

Get automatic suggestions from past agency projects while building your budget. This utilizes shared agency know-how and speeds up your budget creation process.

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Your Agency’s Budgeting

Automatically create project structure from approved budget proposal

Synchronized budgets save project management time, making sure you’re always working with the right, approved budget, no matter how often it changes.

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Budgeting automations reduce effort and boost profitability

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Auto-synced hourly rates from client contracts

Easily select the right rates even when they change during the year. Manage different rate groups for various services like ATL, digital, and more.

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Error-Free budgeting through advanced controls

Minimize oversights by automatically including commissions and mandatory expenses. Prevent copy-paste errors and inaccurate spreadsheet formulas.

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Templates make budget creation easier and ensure that no details are missed.

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Working for international clients? Budget in any currency.

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Keep risks in check with timely automated guidance and alerts.

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What our clients value on our budgeting automations

“Creating complex budget proposals is now a much easier. We can craft detailed budgets in seconds, a task that used to take us dozens of minutes in error-prone Excel.”

Petra Drahošová

Operations Director

Petra Drahošová

“Allfred has revolutionized how we manage our budgets. The tool enables us to effortlessly create budgets, providing suggestions from previous budgets - a feature that not only saves time but also reduces errors. A standout functionality is the real-time tracking of each budget item's status, offering immediate visibility into whether an item is overrun or profitable.”

Barbora Juhásová

Project manager

Barbora Juhásová

Cover all budget types - retainer, fixed, or time & materials, including third-party expenses.

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Keep your project pipeline under control. Track all open proposals and ensure timely follow-ups.

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Analyze budgeting trends easily. Get a single source of data for your business intelligence decisions.

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How does Allfred's budgeting system integrate with the project and financial management?

Allfred's budgeting system is seamlessly integrated with project overview and its financial management and reporting features. It provides real-time updates on budget utilization, allowing you to track and analyze your financial data in one central dashboard. This integration enables you to make informed decisions, prevent you from budget exceeding, optimize profitability, and ensure financial health throughout your projects.

What are the benefits of budgeting in Allfred?

With Allfred, you gain control and clarity over your budgets, ensuring seamless budget management and automated proposals to minimize errors. All your budgets are organized, accessible, and always up-to-date in one centralized location, eliminating the need to search through storage systems or email threads. You can use pre-made templates, and monitor budget changes through version history. Allfred allows flexible approval permissions, enabling customized control based on each role. Collaborating on budgets is effortless as you can seamlessly share budgets with colleagues internally.

Can we set multiple budgets for one project in Allfred?

Absolutely! Allfred allows you to create and assign multiple budgets to a single project. This flexibility enables you to manage different aspects of your project with separate budgets, ensuring accurate financial tracking and control.

Is it possible to budget in a foreign currency?

Yes, Allfred supports budgeting in foreign currencies. You can easily set up budgets using the currency of your choice, whether it's based on contract agreements or current exchange rates. This feature allows you to manage projects with international clients or handle multi-currency budgets seamlessly.

Does Allfred provide notifications if a project's budget has been exceeded?

Yes, Allfred offers budget notifications to keep you informed if a project's budget has been exceeded. This proactive feature helps you monitor budget and budget items utilization and take appropriate actions to ensure projects stay on track financially.

Can Allfred export budgets and cost estimation in multiple languages?

Sure! Allfred provides the capability to export budgets and cost estimations in multiple languages.

Can Allfred help me keep track of budget changes?

Yes, Allfred keeps track of budget changes through its version history feature. You can easily review and compare previous budget versions to understand how the budget has evolved over time.If needed, you can revert back to a previous budget version with just one click, and Allfred will automatically update the project structure accordingly.

Does Allfred provide real-time updates on budget utilization?

Allfred provides real-time updates on budget utilization, giving you instant visibility into the financial status of your projects. You can monitor budget progress, track expenses, and make data-driven decisions to ensure projects stay within budgetary constraints.

Are budget templates available?

Yes, Allfred offers budget templates that can be customized to fit your agency's specific needs. These pre-built templates save you time and effort in creating budgets from scratch. Allfred also offers you suggestions from previous budgets.

What budget types can I create?

Allfred supports various budget types, including retainer, fixed, or time & materials. You can easily create budgets based on the specific requirements of each project, ensuring accurate financial tracking and control. Except of internal hours, you can also include third-party expenses to have a comprehensive overview of your project's financials.

Can I create predefined position sets for each client?

Yes, Allfred allows you to create predefined position sets for each client. This feature enables you to assign specific job positions and hourly rates to individual clients, ensuring accurate budgeting for each client's unique requirements. You ca easily switch between the right rates even when they change during the year. Also, you can manage different rate groups for various services like ATL, digital, and more.

Can Allfred help me apply discounts and commissions to the budget?

Yes, Allfred offers the flexibility to apply discounts and commissions to project budgets. You have the option to set predefined commissions for external production or media costs for each client.

Can I set flexible budget approval permissions for each role in Allfred?

Allfred allows you to set flexible approval permissions for each role within your agency. This means that you can define specific authorization levels and restrictions for different roles, such as project managers, team leaders, or CFOs.

Can I share budgets with my colleagues?

Allfred allows you share the budget internally by generating shareable links. You can easily provide access to specific colleagues or teams within your agency.

How Allfred helps to agencies

New School Communications

245% revenue growth

Gabriel Tóth

Gabriel Tóth

Founder & CEO

“We achieved highest revenue growth ever using Allfred.”


24% profit on agency revenue

Katarína Poláková

Katarína Poláková

Agency COO

“We achieved high profitability using Allfred.”


246% EBITDA growth

Pavol Perdík

Pavol Perdík

CEO & Co-owner

“We achieved high profitability using Allfred.”


Ranked 9th Europe's Most Effective Independent Agency

Petra Jankovičová

Petra Jankovičová

Co-Founder & CEO

“We run all our agency operations using Allfred.”

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