We are Tools done right

We create tools for advertising agencies to enhance your work life. We focus on solving problems at their root causes rather than dealing with the consequences.

Why tools for advertising agencies?

We’re a powerful team of creatives and technologists with a deep understanding of the advertising process.

We have worked at and founded several agencies, and have friends in many more across the globe. They all face the same issues. Only few tools are really designed and tailored specifically for the advertising and creative process. So, we decided to create our own.

Our tools for ad agencies

We’ve created essential tools for account managers, creatives, and social media managers.

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Agency workflow management platform that transforms your agency into a well‑oiled machine.

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User‑friendly social media planning and approval platform.

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Creative AId

Generate a presentation with creative ideas for your NGO or brand campaign in just minutes!

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Our guiding principles:


We represent the relentless professional in you - one who knows their job inside out. Always striving for improvement, innovation, and growth. Our focus on Mastery ensures our tools are reliable, helping you become stronger and more efficient. However, being masterful does not equate to working harder...


The advertising process can be complex. Our approach is to simplify and provide practical solutions to pains agencies are facing. This practicality stems from our deep understanding of the field. We’re not just about being good; we’re about making it easier for you to be great.


Our tools are designed to guide you through difficult processes. We don’t just impose direction; we offer encouragement, advice, and demonstrate through our innovative solutions. We guide from the side, focusing on your progress and satisfaction.


More than guidance, our tools provide genuine assistance, from social media, idea generation or running the whole agency. Think of our automations as a guide carrying your backpack for you. It’s one thing to have someone show the way; it’s another to have.

Cutting Edge

We are early adopters, ensuring our tools are at the cutting edge. Our solutions are more than feasible; they are efficient, rational, and workable. We believe in the power of advanced technology, pioneering strategies, and innovative approaches to keep you.

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PRime time

Workflow platform that transforms your ad agency into a well‑oiled machine.

  • Single Agency tool that guides everyone
  • Make better decisions with connected data
  • Increase your team capacity immediately with better planning
  • Reduce dull work with time‑saving automations
  • Reduce mistakes with process assistance
  • One‑click time tracking designed with creatives in mind
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Kontentino visual

A user‑friendly platform for social media planning and approval.

  • Plan Social Content
  • Collaborate within Agency/Company
  • Easy Client Approval
  • Publishing to Social Media
  • Reports & Analytics
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Generate creative concepts and ideas for your brand from an AI model trained on the most‑awarded campaigns in just minutes.

  • AI‑generated creative ideas to boost your brainstorming (or to send directly to your client)
  • AI copy and art directions
  • Trained on award‑winning campaigns
  • Win pitches and generate client presentations in seconds

Join our journey

We’re opening up the opportunity for you to join us on our mission to revolutionize creative industry. Be a part of this transformation and share in the success that comes from reshaping an entire industry.

Supported by international companies and experienced entrepreneurs we’re now at a pivotal stage. Kontentino and Allfred are ready to scale, while Creative AID is getting ready for seed round.

Join us to create a future where artificial intelligence meets creativity, and where efficiency drives profitability. All driven by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do and who have already proven they can make a difference.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn to learn more.