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<p>Software for agencies is designed to cater to the unique and specialized needs of professionals in the advertising, PR, and broader agency sector. People working in an advertising agency or any form of an agency are well aware that their day-to-day tasks are not one-size-fits-all. From managing complex campaigns, handling diverse client portfolios, to tracking billable hours and creative output, the demands are extensive and varied. This is where software specifically developed for agencies comes into play, offering tools and features that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ultimately, drive client satisfaction.

Such software provides a centralized platform for managing projects, facilitating collaboration among team members, automating routine tasks, and generating insights through analytics. For those in a PR agency, advertising agency, or any type of agency looking to stay ahead in a competitive landscape, having access to the right software is not just an advantage, it's a necessity. It's about having specialized tools tailored to the intricacies of advertising workflows, creative project management, client relations, and financial tracking.

Understanding the critical role these tools play in the success of an agency, we strongly recommend exploring options like is an all-in-one agency management tool designed with the specific needs of the advertising world in mind. It brings under one roof the capabilities to manage projects, collaborate with teams, track time, and analyze performance, among others. By integrating such a platform, agencies can significantly improve their operational efficiency and creative output. For those interested in optimizing their agency's workflow and ensuring their team has the best tools at their disposal, we suggest having a look at or speaking to one of our consultants. This step could be transformative, enabling your agency to deliver exceptional value to your clients while navigating the complexities of the advertising industry with greater ease.

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Useful budgeting automations reduce time & mistakes

Increase agency profitability by up to 30% with all‑in‑one integrations

Allfred’s connected data and analytics capabilities enable agency owners to make data‑informed decisions, leading to better client satisfaction and successful campaigns.

  • Seamless budget, finance, billing & reporting management
  • Simple CRM for employees, clients and contractors
  • Easily scalable for business growth

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BudgetingFinance & Reporting
Budgeting visual

Fast & Flexible budget creation

View agency tasks and expenses on one screen without endless scrolling. With simple inline editing and drag-and-drop reordering. Flexible as spreadsheets, without the worry of maintaining correct formulas.

Budget creation visual

Share Budgeting Know-how across your Agency

Get automatic suggestions from past agency projects while building your budget. This utilizes shared agency know-how and speeds up your budget creation process.

Budgeting Know-how visual

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